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The ancient Greeks were a people mythologically joined by common ancestors and a common language, but often poised against one another, ready for warfare. The many city states and kingdoms throughout Greek history are known for different types of helmets. The most recognizable of which, the classic Corinthian style helmet, was used all over the Greek world from the mid-7th until the 4th century BC and was adapted and altered throughout this time period. Other types of helmet were known in the Greek world, bearing a genealogical connection to one another through the constant intercourse and strife between the nations. Among these include the Chalcidian helmet, the Illyrian, Boeotian, Phrygian, and Attic types.

Our Greek helmets, produced by Deepeeka, are a reasonable facsimile of several of the more popular styles. While the originals were crafted in bronze, these are made in 18 gauge brass
in order to keep them affordable. Every effort has been made to keep them as close as possible to the historical originals. Our authenticity ratings of each will reflect the level to which Deepeeka has been successful.

AH6058B - Deepeeka Corinthian Helmet (Brass)
Later Corinthian Helmet
5th - 4th century BC
ca. 550-400 BC

Price: $189
Authenticity Rating: 8.5

This helmet is a reasonable facsimile of the later style of Corinthian helmet, worn primarily in the 5th and 4th centuries BC. It incorporated a cut-out near the ears for better audibility of commands. The appearance of the face also incorporates embossed eyebrows to augment the likeness of a human face. The one area of improvement in which we would counsel Deepeeka is that of the shape and thickness of the nasal piece. The bronze originals were much thicker (approximately 6 to 10 mm thick) in order to protect the wearer against frontal blows to the face, but due to the nature of the production of these helmets, the metal thickness must remain uniform throughout the entire helmet. As such, this is one of the best commercially available helmets of this type.

AH6111 - Deepeeka “Spartan’s Early” Corinthian Helmet
Early Corinthian Style Helmet
6th - 5th century BC
 ca.650-500 BC

Price: $215
Authenticity Rating: 9

This helmet is patterned after earlier types of the Corinthian helmet, worn not merely by Spartans, but by Greeks all over the Aegean. Its overall appearance bears a close likeness to those of the early periods. As with the later style Corinthian from Deepeeka, we would also counsel that the nasal piece would likely have been thickened on the originals, and would have been entirely made of bronze.

AH6112 - Deepeeka “Athenian Hoplite” Helmet
Phrygian style helmet of Hellenistic Period
4th - 2nd century BC
ca. 350-200 BC

Price: $189
Authenticity Rating: 9

This helmet is patterned after the Phrygian style helmet worn mainly during the Hellenistic Period of Greek history. It was worn not only by Athenians during this period, as Deepeeka’s title would erroneously suggest, but by many different city states of the Hellenistic world. Originally intended to mimic the style of cap worn by the Phrygians of Asia Minor, this helmet was commonly worn by infantry soldiers in the Macedonian phalanx under Alexander and his successors. This version is a new release from Deepeeka and appears to be made of iron in a bronzed finish. The originals would have been entirely fashioned of bronze. The shape and style of this replica is a very good likeness of archaeological examples.

AH6118 - Deepeeka Boeotian Helmet
Boeotian style of Helmet from the Hellenistic Period
Late 5th - 3rd century BC
 ca. 350-100 BC

Price: $175
Authenticity Rating: 9.5

AH6062B - Deepeeka “Attic” Greek Helmet (Brass)
Italo-Attic Style of helmet worn by various peoples of Magna Graecia
4th - 2nd century BC

Price: $270
Authenticity Rating: 9.5

A variety of helmet variants of the Greek world bear the name “Attic” given by scholars wishing to denote their origins in the region of Attica on the Aegean peninsula of Greece. Generally, the name is used to denote helmets that are similar to the Chalcidian type, but have no nasal piece. However, the fact that this term has been variously applied has watered down the significance of the name. In fact, no examples have been found in Greece, and this particular helmet was most commonly worn by indigenous Italic tribes of the early Roman Period, such as the Samnites, among others. Its presence is well attested throughout what is known as Magna Graecia, the Greek-influenced and colonized areas of Southern Italy prior to Roman domination. This brass replica is a very good likeness of the design, as witnessed by various archaeological examples in bronze.

AH6065B - Deepeeka “Late Chalcidian Helmet 4th C.”
Classic Chalcidian helmet of the Hellenistic Period
6th - 3rd century BC

Price: $350

The Chalcidian style of helmet apparently developed from the Corinthian, taking its name from the region of Chalkidiki in Macedonia. It has been found both with and without hinged cheek guards and was popular throughout the Hellenistic period, in Greece and in Magna Graecia, on the Southern Italic peninsula. The current replica in brass is an excellent likeness of bronze examples from the 4th century BC.



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